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I went through much of what is in the genre of “Making Money on the Internet” and I’ll be surprised how gobbled most of it is. Sure you can make money on the Internet. Just don’t “play the Pyramid game” and think you are going to become a millionaire overnight without doing any work. No one has ever been successful just by relaxing, if you want to make money, you have to work for it.

Something that immediately strikes me when surfing the web is all these make-money-fast-sites, is that no one really finds out how, before signing up. Is there anyone else besides me that think it smells a bit odd? You must fill in how much money you want to make but you do not find out how. Want to earn hundred dollars or a million, I will probably opt for one million. Fine, then you only need to fool 1000 poor people to join our small pyramid. The pyramid is a new invention, you need only ensure that people, like you, give us money and you will be rich.

Instead, I would like to give you a few ways to make money on the Internet that’s for real. It is not that difficult, but it is necessary that you do some work. With luck, you can find a niche that can give very good returns. Once again, all of us who earn good money on the Internet works, that is what we have in common, perhaps in different degrees and with different profitability and yet it is work.

Make money as an affiliate
We will start by taking a look at the affiliate business. With a little luck, you can get a very good return working as an affiliate because the ramp-up time is short. As an affiliate you sell visitor leads to anyone who provides goods or services. In the poker affiliate example, the market is very developed and generates lots of money. The theory is as simple as you make sure to have a website that gets visitors who are interested in something specific and then using an affiliate program to send them willing buyers. You will then get paid based on what you (through an affiliate program) agreed upon.

It may be hard to make some real money to varying degrees depending on the niche. Often, the niches that are very profitable are also very competitive, as in the poker example. The difficulty for you is to get traffic cheaper than you sell the product for so you can get a margin.

Make money with a web store
A shop requires a little more effort than to start as an affiliate. You must be sure to have a good solution for your products, a payment solution, and a warehouse. A web shop can be very profitable. Just as in the affiliate business is to find a good topic, and preferably one where you can bring something extra. To open yet another toy shop is perhaps not the best but it might work. A web store will undoubtedly require more work with the handling of goods and orders than an affiliate page.

Make Money With Adsense
The easiest way to get started and make money is with Google Adsense, if you only have one site that has more or less traffic, you can start to get Adsense clicks and earn money. Unlike affiliate links you do not work with your Adsense block, it is just to paste the code to your page and wait for the money to start coming in. What you can do is to work with their location, shape, and color.

What’s necessary to make money online
As you may have noticed, these methods require that you have traffic to get the dough. If you have traffic you can monetize it, to varying degrees depending on what kind of traffic, of course. This is where the challenge is and this is where you need to work. The traffic is very competitive on the Internet today, and if you want to be a part it,  you need to fight for it.

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